I dissociate from the following links and I am not responsible for the context of those websites.

analogx.com This site has very useful utilities.
Audacity A free tool for audio editing and conversion.
blender.org An open source, very capable 3D modelling tool. The interface is tough at first glance, but there are a lot of useful tutorials in the net.
deadtroll.com Just go there and laugh ;)
devimg.net The place to show off your work. There has been a total data loss recently though.
dilbert.com Do I need to say more?!.
flipcode.com A deactivated site, but still with useful tutorials on it.
fraps.com A handsome recording tool, especially useful for recording games.
gamedev.net The #1 place for any programming issues
garagegames.com Home of the Tourque engine and some funny shareware games.
howstuffworks.com This site features some interesting articles.
LEO A good German-English and vice versa translator.
MSDN A very well done documentation of the standard functions and the Windows API.
openoffice.org A real open source alternative to MS Office. It still has minor hurds to accomplish, but is already at a very usable stage.
opera.com My favourite browser. The mouse gestures are a must have.
QT A free version of QT can be aquired, the project hast to be built using mingw or gcc though.
scilab.org This open source project tries to provide an alternative to Matlab. It's still a far way, but certainly something to keep an eye on.
sourceforge.net This site features open source software (some of which are excellent).
thinkgeek.com All sorts of funny assets you might want to have as a geek...
wikipedia.org A free encyclopedia. It seems to be a sport who contributes the most, which is why I prefer the German version where quality usually beats quantity.
wotsit.org This site provides details on a lot of file types.
xkcd.com A very funny webcomic.
facebook.com/people/Ricarda-Schmitz/100003602610216 No comment.
facebook.com/people/Ricarda-Schmitz/100003615180210 No comment.
facebook.com/people/Ricarda-Schmitz/100003515813548 No comment.

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