06/03/2007 Bigwig Rally

Bigwig Rally is now officially listed in the GarageGames projects list.
It's a rally type racing game I'm currently working on with two other people (who can be found on the project page). We're still in the start-up phase but will begin the design phase shortly.
I'll keep you updated.

08/01/2007 New Design

The website has a new and fresh design.

To ease decision making an eight-ball program has been inserted. At the moment it only features the classic 20 answers, but it will be improved at a later stage.

The other sections are still in progress. If you were looking for previously released software, a classic package will be available for download as soon as the design of the website is updated.

I'm sorry for the looks on other browsers than Opera, but I don't see why I should spend time figuring out why Internet Explorer choses to ignore what the command "center" does or what exactly 30 pixels are...

Your browser has been identified as an undefined browser. I suggest Opera for a better online experience and the ability to power surf.